The Time Machine

Join us for a trip back in time through the History of ORU. Ride with your host, Mark Labash, in his fictitious time machine as he re-experiences the people and events that shaped ORU. Suggestions or comments may be sent to Mark Labash at
Title Duration
Time Machine #10, Oral Robert's Crusade Message, "Christ's Mastery Over Demons"
A sincere message before the age of political correctness; hear about Oral Robert's experience with demon possession.
Time Machine #9, Oral Robert's Crusade Message, "Holding The Rope"
Oral Roberts delivers another popular message from his crusade years.
Time Machine #8, Oral Robert's Crusade Message, "Sampson and Delilah"
A preacher like no one else. Hear his energy and unique delivery from the crusade years.
Time Machine #7, Oral Robert's Crusade Message, "The Fourth Man"
Take a ride with your host to experience the most popular crusade message Oral Roberts ever delivered.
Time Machine #6, An Interview With Laura Holland of Communication Arts
Student, theatre professor and chair of the Communication Arts Department, Laura Holland shares her experiences on the ORU campus.
Time Machine #5 - John Lennon and the Accreditation Announcement
John Lennon the famous Beatle on the ORU campus? Discover the truth. Also, experience the moment the students are informed about their accreditation.
Time Machine #4 - Kathryn Kuhlman
Kathryn Kuhlman shares her first experience with the Holy Spirit on this journey. A personal insight you don't want to miss.
Time Machine #3 - Kathryn Kuhlman
A great healing evangelist shares her personal testimony during a special chapel service on the ORU campus.
Time Machine #2 - Oral's First Faculty Chapel
A new beginning, a new university; Join us as we attend the first faculty chapel service ever held on the ORU campus.
Time Machine #1 - ORUs Dedication
On the premiere show, we travel back to the dedication of Oral Roberts University on April 2nd, 1967. We get a chance to hear the messages of Oral Roberts and Billy Graham. Join us for their stirring words at the very beginning of a unique university.

The Secret Life of the College Freshman

Join McKensie Garber, Miss Gateway St. Louis and ORU convergence journalism grad, as she deals with the issues facing college freshman today. As college students move away from home and begin making their own decisions, they are confronted with personal battles on a larger scale. The way students handle these magnified issues can affect their habits and mentalities for the rest of their lives. The five topics covered in each show present insight and expertise on key issues facing the college students of this generation. As a national spokesperson for CharacterPlus, McKensie provides encouraging testimonies and ways to overcome these obstacles with integrity.
Title Duration
SLCF #5 - Self Identity
Join McKensie and ORU Professor of Psychology, Dr. Andrea Walker as they discuss self-identity. Dr. Walker shares her insight on self-identity issues from her studies, research, and time working with students. During college, students grow and shape into the adults they will leave campus and step into the world as. What many of them might not know is that "identity" is the ever-changing result of their environment and experiences.
SLCF #4 - Chasing Your Deams
Join McKensie as she interviews a friend who recently followed her dreams to the world of Disney. Sometimes chasing your dreams means cutting through a lot of red tape and overcoming personal fears and insecurities. Interview guest, Emerald Dean shares why chasing your dreams is worth it all.
SLCF #3 - Drugs & Alcohol
Find out how recreational marijuana recently cost the life of an ORU student and the challenges and risks students face with the decision to drink or take drugs. ORU student, Madeline Osiwala shares her personal testimony with alcohol and how abstaining from that lifestyle has enhanced her life.
SLCF #2 - Pornography & Sexual Temptations
Join McKensie and her special guest, ORU men's chaplain, John Bradford as they discuss the prevalent temptations of sex and pornography. Find out how pornography affects relationships, personal well-being, and life issues.
SLCF #1 - Depression
On the premiere show, McKensie shares her personal testimony of overcoming depression her freshman year of college to pursue excellence in every area of her life.